Frequently asked questions

What is Edvolve about?

Edvolve is a learning ecosystem that brings industry leaders, creators and global organisations under one roof to help children in K-12 to bridge academics and real-world practice with webinars, online and offline experiences, courses and workshops.

How can children benefit from Edvolve?

Children aren’t just curious about how they can apply their theoretical concepts in the real-world but also inquisitive about things that aren’t fully addressed in books. We carefully choose remarkable mentors from various industries and walks of life to come forward and share their knowledge and experience with young kids so that they are able to acquire practical knowledge and eventually take better career decisions.

How are mentors chosen?

Mentors across the world are selected based on their skills and expertise they bring to the table, with a background check on their qualifications and experiences. Once we fully understand their capabilities to teach and mentor a child, we sit with them to curate unique and meaningful classes and experiences for certain grades of children in K-12, depending on where the industry of the mentor is relevant.

How does the Edvolve platform work?

The platform is developed keeping in mind the various interest level of children.
- The Discovery Zone to help fuel curiosity in kids about various subjects and industries via live and recorded webinars by industry experts and leaders, talking about their story, industry applications of theoretical concepts and relevant open-ended topics about the industry. These are open to all kids with bulk attendance on live webinars and get answers to their questions.
- The Experience Zone to help the kids engage in interactive online experiences and workshops conducted in small groups, across various topics that focus on practical understanding of theoretical concepts or learning a new skill, or just a unique activity based workshop that nurtures wisdom.
- The Adventure Zone to help the kids travel the world and learn through hands-on experiences and activities at curated destinations. Edvolve team collaborates with entities across the world to enable practical learning through means of touch and feel, from farms to labs and museums and conservation parks.
- The Learning Zone to help the kids engage in an outcome driven course with the mentors. This is where we wish to see the kids go deep into a subject of their interest and learn from interesting experts across the world.

How much does this cost?

Edvolve is free to join, and each class or experience is priced separately based on class format (experience or course) and mentor preference.
But the Discovery Zone will be hosting all the webinars free of cost for all the children.

What is the difference between an online experience and an online course?

An online experience is a single class, a workshop that is focussed on exposing the children to something practical or new, and can also act as an introduction to a new skill or subject. This spans from 30 minutes up to 3 hours. A fee is charged for the workshop.
An online course is a series of classes that is focussed on a learning outcome. This can range from minimum of 3 classes to maximum of 25 classes. A fee is charge for every course.

How do I choose between an online experience and an online course for my child?

For a subject of your child’s choice, you can most often explore the online workshops in Experience zone to provide an introduction into the subject or learning something new.
If the focus is on delving deeper into a subject, we suggest you find a relevant course in the Learning Zone.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Any session can be cancelled until 12 AM on the day before the day of session, and full refund will be provided. If it’s cancelled beyond that, no refund will be provided. To cancel, mail us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of it.

How do I book an online experience or an online course?

Once you sign up on the platform, you can check out our online experiences and courses in Experience Zone and Learning Zone respectively. Once you find the one you like, you can find the payment link in the details page, where you prefer a slot and proceed to payment. Once payment is complete, your child’s slot is booked, and the link to join will be presented on the Dashboard.

How is the price of an online experience/course decided?

This is left to the discretion of the mentors, based on a certain range of fee that is permitted to the mentor to charge. The mentor, depending on his/her/their availability, level of expertise can decide how much to to charge.

What if I have queries regarding an experience or a course?

You can call us or email us at [email protected]

What if I didn’t like an online experience or course?

You can raise an issue with the session in the Support link present on the platform.

How do I raise an issue with one of your online experiences or a course?

A link to raise an issue with an online experience or course is present on every experience/course details page. You can click on it and fill the details in the form. We will respond to it within 12 hours.

I know a friend/colleague/organisation that can benefit from your platform being a mentor. How can I refer?

Wonderful! You can request him/her/them to fill out this form -

Why am I being charged a service fee?

Our platform is built with love to help you as a parent to fulfil the learning needs of your kid by roping in relevant mentors from various domains. While you pay the mentor for the online experience or workshop, a tiny fee is charged by us to help us bear the platform cost which contains state-of-the-art video conferencing tool, recordings of all your sessions, support system, and fully integrated payment gateway. This is presented as a service fee.