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What Edvolve Class format is right for me?

Firstly, welcome to Edvolve!

Edvolve is an online learning ecosystem of live online classes for kids aged 10-18. These classes range from core academics to applied learning to life skills.

Our vision is to help your child be their best self at academics as well as encourage growth in other areas such as extra-curricular and co-curricular interests, combined with the right amount of career exploration.

We want to become the Amazon of live, interactive learning where we have all the right subjects and topics for any child. From small to large classes, we have a lot of options for you to choose from, and our educators are from a wide variety of fields!

That’s right. This is India’s first one-stop, after-school learning environment that supplements and compliments your child’s learning. Hope you have fun finding the right class!

Our Live Class Formats Explained

Your child may be really new at certain topics and well-versed in others. To cater to all his/her interests, we have introduced three class formats, two of which are already live, and one will be live over the summer. That’s what makes Edvolve unique!

The formats are:

  • Workshop - Introductory Classes (One-time)

  • Course - Outcome Driven Classes (1-10 weeks)

  • Term - Deep-Dive Classes (10+ weeks)

1. Workshops

This is the best way for your child to explore a new topic or a mentor before you make a longer commitment. This can also be useful to take a class on something specific, or to accommodate for a class project or assignment. In workshops, your child meets the mentor just once for anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours, and we conclude the class.

Workshop’s are suitable for:

  • Learning something your child is new to

  • Evaluating a new mentor’s teaching style (if your child likes it you can explore Course/Terms by the same mentor)

  • Filling in the free time of your child with engaging activities/experiences

2. Courses

This is the class that goes one-step further and engages your child in a topic/subject for a longer duration. The idea for us here is to help your child learn a new skill or solve a targeted issue your child is facing in a topic of a subject (say, your child is great at arithmetic but is facing issues in algebra).

This is great for following use-cases:

  • Targeted tutoring for your child’s academic issues

  • Go deeper into your child’s interests (extra and co-curricular activities done online)

  • Want something that’s not too long or not too short

3. Terms

Now here’s something that fully replaces your long duration tutoring and non-academic engagement. This goes for 10+ weeks and like most tutoring and coaching institutes, we wish to run these programs for almost a year as well. We host tutors, experts and professionals from various subjects to come forward and have deeper engagement with your child.

This is perfect for families that:

  • Want to supplement the child’s school curriculum

  • Want a deep-dive learning experience in subjects that the child is passionate about

  • Want to explore a career and help the child build a strong foundation early on

Hope this helps to get your child’s learning journey started with us! For any further assistance or if you’d like a free growth counselling session with our academic experts, do schedule a one-on-one with us here.

Explore our classes right away!

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