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Should a Parent Consider Online Tutoring?

The rise in popularity of online tutoring had increased considerably during the period of lockdown. With the desire for education and the advancement of technology, many people had been seen to adopt online tutoring before COVID-19. The concept of online teaching is improving day by day as it presents students, teachers, and parents with effective evaluation and interactive teaching in real-time. Some students may live in areas that do not provide them with many tutors. Online platforms present students with multiple options for choosing tutors from different areas.

While some parents prefer in-person tuition, some think it to be an awkward social interaction and feel online tutoring is more comfortable. In addition to this, many students enjoy technology and the online method of learning. However, in cases where students have special educational needs (SEN), online learning will not be attainable as they will require kinesthetic learning. Building affinity is an essential part of online tutoring as it presents everyone with many challenges. Some parents also become happier once they get to know about how these expert tutors conduct classes and handle children.

According to a survey, 75% of parents want their children to continue learning through online channels even after their schools reopen. An online survey of 307 students revealed that a majority of this number were eager to take online classes after the pandemic. Also, as pointed out by another survey, 73% of students favour online education and prefer some courses to be entirely online after the pandemic. Moreover, it has also been reported by some teachers that students who take up online tutoring are seen to strengthen their question-building and creative skills and become more focused and indulged in their learning venture. These platforms are also beneficial for a kid who is shy and less interactive. It helps them to interact and ask questions from within the comfort zones of their home.

Below listed are the top 5 reasons why a parent should consider online tutoring.

  1. Personalized teaching- Online learning provides a personalized learning approach to parents. In online learning, tutors teach children in a personalized way with proper attention and care. Unlike in-person tutoring, teachers plan and design exclusive lessons and study materials for children’s learning. Students remain indulged and concentrated throughout every session. There are many online tools available, such as Skype, shared files, Zoom, and shared whiteboards, to support and help students of all types.

  2. Diverse subjects- Many parents spend a lot of their time finding teachers who will give their children lessons involving Arts, Science, and Commerce. It is a tough job for them to search for tutors who will teach their children professionally. This is where online education platforms come into action, as they provide students with a diverse range of subjects. Good online tutors are well-experienced and have vast knowledge in various subjects.

  3. Affordable- Online tutoring options provide parents with different types of affordable tutors and courses. At any age, students will be able to connect with professional tutors globally at an affordable rate.

  4. Flexible- The main advantage of this online tutoring is that it is flexible enough to allow students to study at their preferred time. Parents need not worry about their children’s busy schedules as their youngsters can learn from anywhere at any time. Such online tuitions can help students with a tough math assignment or an exam in their chosen time if they are engaged somewhere else and do not have time to finish their homework. Along with this, it saves time in travelling and allows more learning.

  5. Professional expert assistance- A parent often faces difficulties looking for well-qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced online educators. Online learning platforms provide a lot of scopes of getting educators. These online channels provide students with career tutors, college-ready tutors, and homework teachers, among many more. If parents choose online tutoring for their children, they will be exposed to a wide variety of passionate topics taught by experts. Parents should be assured that these online learning channels are not just about making students pass tests and memorize lessons but also about making them understand those topics. It is a known matter that no parent would want their children to learn from an unpassionate teacher. Until and unless teachers are passionate about their teaching, they will not be able to make their students feel interested in the topics they teach. Having the guidance of top-class experts is another important reason why a parent should choose online tutoring.

Parents who are concerned about their child’s academic performance should go with online tutoring. The digital world has completely changed the outlook of education. Virtual learning is a must-go-to option for parents who want to seek academic guidance outside the classroom. However, sometimes parents are in constant doubt regarding whether an online option is right for their child’s learning and family’s needs. In such cases, they should compare the major differences between online and traditional learning or take the help of a professional or an educational website.

Once a parent chooses this learning journey, they will never want to go back to traditional learning. Both traditional learning and online learning have their own benefits. If your child prefers one-on-one learning, traditional learning is the solution for them. If your child wants to indulge in a fun learning experience from worldwide professional educators, online tutoring is for them. Edvolve provides a diverse scope for students to learn about numerous topics in their free time from highly qualified tutors at reasonable rates. Come and explore all these facilities by staying under one roof:

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