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How to find the right online tutor or teacher for your child?

Nowadays, tutoring has become a major part of the modern academic landscape. Those struggling to keep up with their peers, dealing with learning difficulties or lacking confidence in the classroom need to take the help of an online teacher. They need to ensure their child receives a boost in their academic or non-academic learning method. With the pandemic still holding much of the world in its grip, many students seek to learn online. It is important to find an instructor who will address children’s needs, teach them the importance of socialisation and make the learning process much simpler and more effective. An online tutor must work towards improving students’ confidence by retaining their focus and building their academic careers. Each student has different learning needs, which seem to differ based on their learning style.

With the rise of online learning and schools conducting virtual classes, kids gradually became habituated to the virtual learning platforms. Finding the right online tutor for a child in subjects like English, History, Maths, Science, and others is not always easy. Some of the best tutors are flexible in their approach and intuitive about kids. The right tutor encourages children by introducing them to advanced learning topics and working on content at a pace that is right for every child. Also, they help enforce good study habits and assist students with school assignments. For example, a dyslexic child should prefer getting tutored by an educator who has a qualification in working with dyslexic students or a student who needs to re-sit an exam must be provided with selected information by the teacher. Moreover, a teacher having an effective grasp of general knowledge can provide strong assistance across diverse subjects or a skill.

Education is a long-term strategy, and factors involving self-efficacy and motivation play a major role in developing a child’s overall mental stability.

Parents look for tutors who will understand their children the most, and hence it becomes crucial to find the right one for them. The demand for virtual learning through teleconference sites like Zoom has increased rapidly over the past few months. Parents may have diverse options when it comes to finding the right online tutor, so read on to know what points you should consider when finding a suitable teacher for your child.

  1. Safety comes first- These days, online tutoring has not become a convenience but a necessity too. Parents need to thoroughly screen and background check online tutors and ensure their child’s safety, along with unique authentication codes. Some online tutoring companies make their tutors go through tests which are based on certain safety-related questions. No parent wants to compromise when it comes to their child’s safety, and so finding the right online tutor ensures a child is virtually safe and sound.

  2. Expert assistance- Online tutoring sites provide kids with certified experts in almost every field to ensure they acquire more than sufficient knowledge in every subject. The right online teacher should have the required skills, knowledge and experience in their field of expertise. They should be able to deliver solid instruction and handle online tutoring sessions. Online education platforms do their research when it comes to staffing and hiring the right tutors for kids.

  3. Flexible learning- One of the best things about online tutoring is that parents can decide on what is convenient for them and their children. It sometimes happens that parents’ schedules seem to conflict with the allotted class timings of kids. The best and certified instructors usually come up with a flexible learning schedule that works for everyone. Additionally, it becomes a crucial factor for tutors to design well-built study materials so that their students are able to understand what they are learning about.

  4. Child-centred education- Parents want their children to achieve the best education system. While finding the right online teacher for your kid, parents should appoint tutors who provide child-centred education to their children. The best tutors undergo intensive matching processes, which help kids in finding the right teacher for them. As it is difficult to find online tutors nowadays, virtual learning platforms make it a point to find the best tutor for students.

  5. Engaging teachers- Teachers should be passionate about what they are doing if they want to make students interested in their teaching process. Learning can be effective when students are engaged and active learners. Hence, it is essential for virtual education platforms to find tutors to get kids excited about the subjects taught. A good teacher must engage their students in developing a love for learning as well as motivate them to acquire better grades and achievement. Every parent wants their child to get interested in tutoring sessions, and thus getting a good tutor who will not only be able to offer effective learning to children but also be comfortable with them is of vital importance. The right tutor should be able to know what is best for their students and help them in every way possible.

  6. Budget-friendly tutoring- Parents need to consider having budget-friendly tutors. The rate of teachers generally depends upon their skills and experience. It is true that online educators are well-educated and greatly accomplished, so it is important for parents to consider every aspect of the educator’s experience and availability before deciding on a rate.

Before finding the right online tutor for your child, you might need to make sure that online education sites are affordable and committed to children’s success. If you want to help your kid catch up or make them academically strong, make sure to check out Edvolve’s learning tools. Edvolve provides well-experienced professional educators from around the world to make students ready for the future:

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