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How can Edvolve help Homeschooling parents?

The practice of homeschooling began in the 1970s and is still continuing. Over the Covid-19 pandemic, many parents started homeschooling their children. They understand the importance of their children’s education, and that is the reason why they choose homeschooling over making their children go back to school. Edtech platforms like Edvolve have come up with different approaches that will help parents to continue smoothly on this journey.

Some parents are highly intimidated by technology, whereas others simply upgrade themselves with new tools. When it comes to math, parents have to find out easy methods for solving sums. For this, they have to take up a lot of hassle, like searching Google and going through YouTube videos.

In this world, every parent wants what is best for their kids. Thus, it becomes important for educators to support families and students in their distance learning venture. Below are some of the ways Edvolve can help homeschooling parents.

1. Personalised learning journey

Parents and teachers need to work together to personalise children’s learning. In a traditional classroom, the ratio of teachers and students is one-many, i.e., a single teacher teaches a dozen of students. On the other hand, homeschooling involves individualised and group learning sessions. A one-on-one interaction helps students and teachers form a firm relationship between them. Also, it offers parents and instructors the flexibility to change teaching methods or adjust the learning approach if a student is faced with any problem. Since teachers and students cooperate to create a structured learning environment, students do not remain behind in planning an activity or a particular lesson plan. Edvolve helps a parent design their child’s learning path by choosing the best educators and topics for them.

2. Convenient schedules

Homeschooling allows children and parents not to rush out of their house in the morning and meet all sorts of schedules and commitments. Through homeschooling, parents can decide on the length of lessons without worrying about weekends or taking holidays. They can enjoy educational breaks with their children during off seasons and indulge in some family time. Edvolve designs convenient schedules to suit a child’s timetable so that they can utilise their time perfectly by learning in their free time along with having a museum visit, playing in the park or going on a field trip.

3. Self-paced learning

No student is of the same type, as all are unique with their strengths and weaknesses. It may be that some grasp a math concept quicker while others grasp some concepts of grammar at a slower pace. Also, some may be there who understand every bit of science but fail to remember the important dates of history. The pace of learning is not the same for every student. Homeschooling allows children to learn at their own pace, giving them the option of learning where they excel. Moreover, it provides children with sufficient time to understand the topics where they struggle. As a result, there remains no competition between students of different skill levels as every child can freely move at their own pace. Traditional classrooms do not offer this kind of facility, as students become distracted and grow bored as there remains a feeling of inequality between slow-learning and fast-learning students. With Edvolve’s 1:1 and small group classes, the pace of the class is taken as per the learning pace of the child.

4. International exposure

Having international exposure to several expert educators, children remain open to a wide variety of opportunities. Parents can collaborate with experienced tutors from around the world to help children have an unforgettable learning experience. With expert guidance and the best learning materials, students feel interested and grow a knack for learning more. Additionally, with regular interaction between teachers and students, students feel much more comfortable communicating with them and face no issue in delivering their queries. Edvolve is the first platform in India to help kids get connected to international educators and develop a strong student-teacher bond.

5. Focus on all-rounded learning

Homeschooling helps students to learn topics outside their academic curricula. It provides students with a wide range of worldwide topics from global experts. It works outside the bounds of traditional teaching by offering students worldwide exposure. It breaks the customs of monotonous routine by giving opportunities to learn new and interesting topics. Edvolve not only focuses on academics but finds educators in topics that are practical/real-world oriented. It makes it possible for students to learn with professionals from various industries and get industry-related knowledge.

6. Collaborative learning with like-minded kids

Homeschooling not only engages students to learn attentively but also helps them to learn from each other. Learning from like-minded people increases their communication and problem-solving skills. Students who choose similar paths in personalised learning classes can overlap with other peers as it creates many chances for peer review and collaboration. This helps in discussing their problems with their peers and presenting the same to the class. In this way, students can prove their confidence and learning. Each student can effectively explore a new sector of learning as collaborative learning widens the breadth of topics explored in the classroom. Because Edvolve focuses on small group classes, it is easier to find like-minded kids who have similar interests and passions and want to grow together.

Homeschooling will give parents and students a lot more than traditional learning. All you need to have is focus and patience. Edvolve believes in diversity and works in multiple ways to provide parents and students with widely-accepted advantages of homeschooling.

Besides educating students on diverse courses, Edvolve comes up with the latest ideas every day to support homeschooling parents. Check out our platform to get started on homeschooling today:

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