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Home tutoring vs Online tutoring: Which is better?

Many parents are nowadays choosing online education platforms over home tuition for their child’s education. Statistics show that online tutoring is comparatively better than home tutoring. Even as education is back on its normal tracks, parents have shown their interest in educating their children with virtual learning platforms.

Online tutoring is a virtual teaching practice, whereas home tutoring is practised in person. It is of great importance for parents to determine whether their child gets proper education or not, as it plays a vital role in shaping their future. Read on to know about the advantages and disadvantages of home tutoring and online tutoring.

Advantages of Home Tutoring

  1. Teaches hand on skills- Even in this digitalised world, some students still crave in-hand practice. It becomes very difficult to give tutoring lessons on skills which require practice. For example, showcasing practical skills in dancing, musical instruments or drawing becomes rather tough through online education platforms. In such cases, tutors might need to show their students the right posture or the correct way of handling the instruments. Such activities can be time-consuming via online mode.

  2. Helps to be focused- A one-on-one home tuition helps students be attentive. It is known to everyone that a minimal student-teacher ratio allows the students to be more focused during their classes. Home tutoring helps students to study at their own pace without getting distracted easily.

  3. Higher degree of vigilance for exams/tests- Besides, finding experienced and well-qualified home tutors, home tutoring services make it a point to find tutors who can supervise students during an exam. In such cases, good home tutors are always alert and attentive. While it is difficult for online tutors to invigilate hundreds of students, home tutors find it possible to do so.

  4. Scope for better personalisation of teaching style- Often, shy students face difficulties in communicating their problems properly. In home tutoring classes, every kind of student is guided and supervised according to their learning capacities. Good home teachers frequently change their techniques and teaching style to be at par with their students.

Advantages of Online Tutoring

  1. Has varied learning opportunities- Online tutoring provides numerous chances for exposure for students. These platforms provide tutoring on certain topics which are not available locally. By getting tuition from teachers globally, students can learn something unique, showcase their talents and have a deeper understanding of academia.

  2. Provides personalised learning from educators globally- Having a good equation between students and educators from around the world is of vital concern to families. Such platforms house real experts who give teachings to students on subjects like Literature and canine anatomy. Highly-polished experts provide creative content to students and help them to think critically to change the world.

  3. Works on easy accessibility and flexibility- Online classes are easily accessible and save a lot of time. They provide a lot of varieties, and classes can be taken on a multi-dimensional basis. The fun of virtual classes is that they can be taken at anytime and anywhere.

  4. Creates fun connections- Online learning platforms give students a chance to connect with fun-loving teachers and peers. Students can build communities consisting of like-minded people who have the same share of interests. Teachers and students get to be familiar with each other to ensure a smooth learning journey.

Disadvantages of Home Tutoring

  1. Tends to be expensive- Home tutoring is rather expensive compared to online tutoring. Teachers tend to charge more as they give students the required time and attention. It is also because sometimes they need to adjust their schedules based on their students’ preferences.

  2. Lacks in socialisation skills- Socialisation plays a vital role in character development. Through online tutoring, students can interact and discuss their problems with peers, which, in turn, helps them in honing their open communication and problem-solving skills. Home tutoring lacks this feature as it is a one-on-one education system.

  3. Absence of competition- As home tuitions are a one-on-one learning system, students do not feel the urge to challenge themselves. Being with peers stimulates competition. Virtual education platforms provide students with a variety of chances to prove themselves in their fields.

  4. Leaves with no time to study and play- As home tutoring classes are generally conducted in the evening, students after coming home from school are left with no time to play and study. Besides, they keep a separate time for completing their home task, which is usually done post-school or post-tuition. They get involved in home classes so much that they do not have time to learn something new.

Disadvantages of Online Tutoring

  1. Easily causes distraction- As good as these online platforms sound, students, when kept with their devices, can misuse them in various ways. Overall, it might be risky for students if they are caught scrolling through social media platforms. This problem might catch more attention with students having lesser attention spans.

  2. Encourages cheating- There is a huge difference between exams conducted in physical and online mode. Many anti-cheating validations come up with virtual platforms, but students with their peers still find ways to cheat during exams. Due to this, it becomes rather difficult to evaluate students’ performances based on these online exams.

  3. Issues on internet connection- In-person lessons do not require any type of network connection. Risks involving poor image and audio quality, video buffering, or sound disturbances are always a thinking factor in online tutoring. Even during power cut-offs, home tutors still find a way to provide students with essential information.

  4. Limits the effect of note-taking- Most students are comfortable taking notes during home tutoring sessions. Students find it difficult to write down everything while attending online classes. However, some virtual platforms allow students to record vital parts of their lessons.

Both home tutoring and online tutoring platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. For families looking for self-paced, affordable and open curriculum-based learning for their children, online tutoring is the way to go. For families looking for in-person, distraction-less and academic-based learning for their children, home tutoring is more suitable.

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