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Edvolve Outdoors - Code of Conduct

  1. I understand that I am liable for any damage caused by my child to any public or private property, especially at the site of the accommodation and will have to reimburse the claimants for any loss or damages caused as a result of my child’s actions.

  2. I understand the inherent risks of adventure activities. While Edvolve’s experienced facilitators and adventure instructors are trained and experienced and that the activities are conducted with full safety gear, I understand and acknowledge the risks associated with outdoor-based adventure experiences including but not limited to the associated travel. These are the same risks present in any private or family trip in the same setting and/or with similar activities. I am enrolling my child after having understood all the specific activities of the experience. I agree to not hold GlobalShaala Travel or its representatives and associates liable for any accidental harm to my child.

  3. My child is medically fit to participate in the experience. My child does not suffer from any pre-existing medical condition that may prevent their participation in the experience - specifically heart related, blood pressure related, acute asthma, epilepsy, or serious allergies and reactions - that could get aggravated due to the experience or would render the experience unsafe for him/her or others. I give my permission for GlobalShaala Travel and its representatives and the doctor or hospital chosen by them to provide medication or hospitalization in case of need. I understand that basic first aid will always be available to my child at all times from Edvolve’s experience facilitators.

  4. I understand that I will be able to communicate directly with my child during the experience, preferably between 7 Am – 8 Am and 8 Pm – 10 Pm. Edvolve will also provide updates during the day through a Whatsapp group when possible.

  5. I consent to Edvolve documenting the experience through photographs and audio-visual means and sharing/uploading the same on to Edvolve’s website, social media and other platforms. This serves to not only document the experience for the participants but also help other parents and children understand the benefits of Edvolve’s experiences.  I also understand that every photograph and audio-visual media may not contain my child specifically.

  6. I understand that my child needs to abide by the instructions given and rules set by Edvolve’s experience facilitators. Any misconduct like repeated indiscipline, bullying other participants, gender sensitivity issues, breach of safety rules, or carrying/usage of tobacco, alcohol or other substances will result in my child being sent back from the experience at my cost. 

For any queries, please contact +91 88840 45670.

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