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Holistic learning programs at handpicked destinations

Edvolve's vision of all-rounded learning is completed with exposure to new learning environments beyond classrooms. Our physical experiences enable children to engage in activities and actual hands-on learning that solidifies wisdom. Our programs are spread across industries and stunning landscapes, curated by industry leaders!

Beautiful Landscape

Discover experiences near you or halfway across the world

Practical learning can start right from your neighbourhood and can stretch as far away as the Amazon Rainforest. We have collaborated with private spaces, from factories to recording studios, and designed curriculum mapped programs to help your child apply their learning in the outside world.

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We plan, manage, and deliver top notch programs!

Plug & Play Experiences

Our programs are set in industry environments, filled with activities that inspire students to think beyond books, under the guidance of industry leaders.

End-To-End Management

Safety At Heart

Once you partner with us, leave all the worry about planning, execution, and management to us. Let us manage it while you relax and watch your students grow.

Keep worry at bay as we handle safety with trained tour coordinators, non-hazardous destinations, safety kits and travel insurance.


Did you know?

We have worked with multiple schools and had loads of fun traveling outdoors, from Hampi to Sri Lanka with kids! (until COVID applied brakes on our travel spree)

An open-ended exploration of the world

Imagine traveling the world, meeting new people and doing exciting things every day. That’s what our outdoor experiences are all about. Whether it’s meeting someone near your city or going to a faraway island, we have an incredible range of possibilities waiting for you. Find something you like to do, and we will give you the best ways to experience it.