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Mentor children with your skills, experiences & expertise. Create the next generation of innovators with Edvolve.

Inviting creators, industry leaders and enterprises to impact and inspire children from grade 1 to 12, and build a secondary source of income.

Teach. Share. Enable.

Host learning experiences/workshops


Conduct learning activities


Share about your industry


Mentor kids on their career

The topic and format is yours to choose!

We accept any topic that goes beyond typical classroom teaching, and involves a certain learning outcome.

History of Hampi, Applications of Geometry, Gardening 101, How to Improve Public Speaking, Lego for Juniors, Making Short Films, Evolution of Reptiles, your imagination is the limit! 

You can either choose to wrap it over a single session or a series of sessions.

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Okay, so now that you know you can teach anything, how do you make this a viable business?
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Conduct a workshop

Organise a one-time, interactive session that involves teaching the kids something unique, helping them understand about your domain or just activities that are fun and insightful! 

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Deliver a course

Take the kids in-depth about a particular topic in your domain and organise live, creative courses. Curate content as per your comfort level and build your brand with the kids!

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Create content

Sensitise your young audience about your life, research, cause, creations and your industry in general via live and recorded webinars as well as short videos. This is where you get to build your credibility as a maestro.

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Maintain a profile

You also create your own profile page, where you talk about your background, your perspectives, and maintain a neat DP and cover photo too!

So how do you apply?

Submit the application and tell us your unique value proposition. After that...


We'll get in touch with you, verify your details, and help you setup your account


Create your workshop or course for your target age group and decide the costing


Create your schedules, and voila! Watch kids participate in your live sessions and up goes your earnings.

Why                         ?
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The Business Advantage


No listing fee, no hidden charges, no marketing cost

That's right. We want you to focus only on teaching, and we'll do the rest and get you the right audience


Everything's flexible - batch size, cost, time, and more!

What you charge, when you wish to host, choosing batch size, and a host of other properties, all under your control.


Activity? Workshop? Course? Mentorship? You decide.

We want you to comfortably share your expertise with the kids in any format you decide. All we ask for is for you to keep it practical, fun & appropriate.

The Platform Advantage


No, seriously, you don't need any software

Juggling between Zoom, email schedulers, Whatsapp, payment gateways can be tough. Hence, we bring you an all-integrated platform.


Communications via in-house 1:1 & group chats

Maintain your personal and teaching life separately, all in 1 communications tool integrated within the platform for 1:1 & group chats, content sharing etc.


All inclusive teaching tools for every subject & experience

Whether you need a whiteboard, YouTube livestream, complex calculator, breakout rooms or polls, we provide it all.

The Long-Term Advantage


Move your workshops


Soon, you can have kids visit you at a destination to drive your learning better! Best suited for enterprises.


Manage your community in our in-house social media

Mhmm! We're building an in-house community ecosystem so that you can post updates, photos and videos, just like Facebook/Instagram.


Conduct QnA and discussions, and empower kids

Build your network by hosting discussions and empowering children about your industry. That's how true growth happens.

Online Discussion
We, as adults, wished we had a chance to experience all career options before we had to opt for one.

Let's ensure the next generation doesn't share the same fate.

Several content oriented platforms have emerged to help children learn more efficiently. But the fundamental issue of the same children being unable to apply the concepts in real-world and get inspired to explore a subject is left untouched.

We want to change this with the help of practical educators such as you. Let's convert your passion into educational experiences.

Become a Mentor

Showcase your world, cause and skills, and develop a new way of living.

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