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Co-Curricular, Extra-Curricular, and Practical Learning brought online from the experienced

GlobalShaala helps your child get access to live classes from change-makers in pretty much all domains. We either have it, or we get it for you.


Consider us your child's experiential learning school, after school.

Ever wondered how you'll train your child in skills that don't have training centres for around you? Perhaps your child requests you to provide access to learning in areas that aren't mainstream.


Enter GlobalShaala.

We are constantly adding more experts from around the globe to give your child a way to dream bigger by making it possible to learn directly under accomplished leaders. Accessing all-rounded education was never this easy. 

Real world learning. Live.

Inspirational learning

Take classes with mentors from various races, domains and with notable achievements, inspiring you with their stories.

Non-competitive environment 

One-to-one and group chats, outcome oriented progression to ensure every child independently achieves the learning goals.

Addressal of real-world practice

Our industry mentors focus on helping your child apply all learnings in real-life and advance faster in their career.

The futurists believe that the next set of creators will be polymaths.

A polymath is an individual whose knowledge and curiosity spans a substantial number of subjects. Honestly, most kids are born to be curious about everything but circumstances kill this desire.

We, at GlobalShaala, want to help the next generation regain that curiosity by making it possible for them to find all the answers from the right resources. Our Learning Zone is envisioned to achieve this. 

Your child is a signup away from learning real skills.

Let's begin, shall we?

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