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The Amazon of Learning At Your Fingertips

A place where you can choose who your child learns from. Help them build solid concepts with focused attention.

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What is Edvolve Core?

Targeted Academic Classes with Vetted & Experienced Teachers & Tutors

How does your child stand to benefit from it?

Most parents are primarily concerned about their child being guided well in academics. We ensure to host teachers who make school syllabus & concepts understandable and make tuitions interesting so every student studies smarter, learns faster, & achieves more in their academic field. Your child has the flexibility of learning via two models: Courses and Workshops.


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Short sessions focussing on specific topics or activities, helping children decide if they wish to pursue the  subject or hobby further

One Session + Small Group

Children explore subjects, interests and competences

Mentors identify your child’s gifts and help develop them

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In-depth learning with defined learning outcomes and personalised feedback from mentors

Multiple Sessions + Small Group

Upskill and learn with qualified industry mentors and entrepreneurs

Children identify their career and life paths with their mentors

Still not convinced whether to choose us over traditional classes?

Traditional Tutoring & Classes

Choice of Mentors

Submission of control to an unverified 3rd party

Edvolve's Masterclasses

You decide who your child interacts with and learns from after we perform our quality check

Cost Effectiveness

Large one-time fee with no refunds

Introductory classes (~₹100) leading to long-term mentorship

Schedule Management

Rigid schedules

Flexible schedules, like booking a movie ticket!

Learning Methodology

Large standardised classrooms

Personalised pathways for every child

Overall Development

No practical learning & development beyond hobby

One-stop shop for subject learning, skill building & professionals to guide to success

Addressing Child's Needs


Targeted solutions to help your child become his/her best version

Child Likability 

Non-existent, most children don't look forward to the classes

Free networking & social chats with mentors to ensure the child looks forward to the classes

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