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Who says children cannot
Experience, Create, Accomplish
in the real world?

Presenting India's first ecosystem to help your child lead a fulfilling education through professional learning experiences & opportunities with creators and industry leaders around the world.

Often adults ask themselves...
Kid with Basketball

Was this the right career option for me?

Test Tubes

Can I solve real-life problems with my knowledge?

Support Group

Do I have a global network to help me grow?

A revolutionary approach to ensure your child doesn't question his or her abilities

Bridging academics and real-world practice with live experiences, courses and mentorship by creators, industry leaders and global organisations

Learning culinary arts

while making pasta!

Hot Air Balloons
Personalised platform to enable holistic development

Feel secure while your child engages with global mentors from various sectors on our state-of-the-art platform, with in-house collaboration tools to enable seamless engagements

Online learning

Curriculum mapped and skill-oriented webinars, workshops and courses (all live!) to help your child discover newer interests and make new connections online


Outdoor learning

Learning programs across the world at handpicked destinations and landscapes to help your child connect with science, cultures and citizens

Mentorship from leaders

Individual mentorship to develop competence and help your child make the right life choices as they grow to learn newer skills


Analytics-driven insights

As your child grows with us, we'll track development, understand aptitudes and strengths, and help you identify the path ahead 

We source the most passionate and dedicated mentors from across the world

so that your young one is more equipped to design his/her career progression.

Children can now follow their passions, explore their curiosities and discover new things to learn and do. Mentors and children will engage in open-ended learning that is curriculum mapped and makes progress at school much easier and better. Every experience increases the exposure, skills and knowledge of children and fosters a genuine joy in learning. Sign up and start Edvolving with your mentors!

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Come. Join us to make real-world education a reality.