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Community approved global mentors to choose from.
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Powering Top Masterclasses

Starting at ₹100, keep kids engaged with incredible mentors around the world.

The only after-school ecosystem a teen parent will ever need

to level up on the child's strengths / to address the child's weaknesses

Small group online classes

Vetted teachers & professionals

Access to international mentors

Variety of subjects & topics

Available on web and app

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How we prepare your child for the future


Targeted Academic Classes with Vetted & Experienced Teachers & Tutors

Most parents are primarily concerned about their child being guided well in academics. We ensure to host teachers who make school syllabus & concepts understandable & tuitions interesting so every student studies smarter, learns faster, & achieves more.


Interest based classes & virtual camps with Professionals & Creators

Our focus here is on application of academics in the real world scenario and transformational classes to build on a child's passion, mindset, and behaviour. After all, success doesn't come just with academics, it needs applicable skills, too!


FREE discussions, chats, doubt clearing sessions & career webinars with mentors and peers

To promote engagement & relationship building with our mentors, a dedicated place is created to have open-ended sessions (what we call as Network Rooms) that lead to confidence building & addressal of individual needs. Check out our upcoming rooms on the app!

Let's get started?

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How it works

Browse & find a class your child needs 
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Choose a suitable batch & book the class
Come online on the link shared & get learning!

Two class formats with a mentor of your liking 



A strict NO sales executives policy. Book a free growth-counselling call with us.

Having taught thousands of children at industries and classrooms, I have seen the spark in their eyes when they are able to not just learn but apply. I see Edvolve as a forward thinking parent's solution to provide their child with knowledge and experiences that make them enjoy learning and be future ready.

- Arpith C, Founder

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We want our learners to contribute to human progress.

Curiosity driven learning is 10 times more effective than examination oriented coaching and tutoring. We have many incredible experts from domains that excite children and bring out their best abilities.

Give your child the freedom to explore various topics on our platform while being evaluated and guided in the right direction.

Experiencing learning with global experts right from your home is now a reality!

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WHY             LEARNING? 

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